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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  March 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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brother's wife. police tell us that the 5th person was not related. the little girl described a bloody scene with water leaking all over the place, police said they found a body in the entrance, two more in the back two, others in the garage. as of this afternoon, police would not confirm the victims had been shot but said it appears two of them had once again, police chief. >> and this is a very complicated crime scene. doesn't mean there isn't one inside. >> and there is where the tape blocking the street has gone down. but the tape remains around the house, five victims means five separate investigations and this house owned by a software nnl working in and employees say she did not call in today and that is not like her, there had been rumors and indications based on evidence
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that this might have been a murder suicide. and police will neither confirm, or deny that. live in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and fbi is now involved in the search for a and go through here every day? >> this morning agents set up a road block near the bus stop where sierra lamar was headed the day she disappeared. so far only clues are purse, clothing and a cell phone. >> this is scarier. they she won't purposely leave that stuff behind. to this is more anxiety on us. >> and this is video of sierra. authorities say she could have been wearing clothes found in the purse. the 15-year-old appears to be wearing a jersey in a photo she tweeted but the picture doesn't show enough of the
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shirt. >> and a former watsonville police officer faces a criminal charge of mistreating his dog that was once his canine partner, animal control rescued the 5-year-old german sheperd. the dog 30 pounds, under weight and his ribs pro truding and he had dirt and plastic in his stomach he left the force in 2010 fired for what the department said were multiple incidents, one including ordering the dog to bite a suspect. ingo is doing better now we're happy to tell you this, is video of him today. he's put on 15 pounds since being rescued and getting healthier every day. >> u.s. army staff sargeant accused in a deadly shooting spree has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. the sargeant also faces six counts after tempted murder for a shooting rampage. he could face the death penalty. half of the victims were children.
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he is being held in kansas, his attorney says his client has memory problems and suffered a serious concussion. >> there is some memory of what happened before and some memories after that alleged incident but no memories of what happened in between. >> family and friends say he was traumatized by injuries and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after multiple deployments. the outrage of a shooting death of a florida teenager over a neighborhood watch captain is growing from miami high schools to the white house. the call for justice in this case is growing louder. the president weighed in on the killing. unarmed florida teen in a controversy surrounding the subsequent investigation. >> the appearance -- to the parents of trayvon martin if i had a son he would look like trayvon. they are right to suspect all
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of us as americans are going to take this with seriousness that it deserve ootz justice department and a prosecutor are investigating, a catch captain says he shot the teen out of self-defense has yet to face charges. the city manager insists there is nothing to hide. >> we want justice and want many eyes looking at this. >> the size and scope of the protest seemed to grow every day. students from over a dozen miami florida high schools staged walkouts today. and on capitol hill about 300 wore hoody what's martin wore the night he was shot and killed after returning from a neighborhood 7-11. >> look right, and left. recognize koit have been anyone standing here. >> last night a crowd gathered with trayvon's parents in what is called a rally of jus tis thank you for your support.
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it means a lot to me and my family. we appreciate it. and we want justice for trayvon. >> some degrernds point to the stand your ground law, the sponsor believes this doesn't apply in this case. >> the former rutgers university students convicted last week of a hate crime for spying on a gay roommate's date say he is not the monster he's been painted to to be. in an interview he insisted he did not act out of hate. and clem meanty committed sue side. robby says he has regrets but insists did he not bully clement ee. do you believe he was intimidated by you and your actions? >> he knew i wasn't trying to intimidate him because he was gay and scare him because he was gay. i think he understood that.
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>> did you want to out him? >> no. >> you can watch the exclusive interview tonight on 2020. >> there some employ heers demanding access to social networks of job applicants. some are making applicants log on to their accounts during job interviews. tear asking employees to friend managers and requiring nondispairagement agreements to prevent bad mouthing companies onlichbl he says he plans to introduce legislation outlawing the tactics. facebook post aid blog saying you should never have to share your pass word or let anyone access your account or do anything that might jeopardize security of the account. >> there is a former california food company owner pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in a national tomato
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price fixing plot. prosecutors say the illegal deeds helped make sk foods the second largest tomato processor in the state. and drive up tomato prices nationwide this decade. he is expected to receive a prison term of four to seven years when sentenced in july. >> there are bart officials putting pressure on congress to pass a bill for money urgently needed and a congressman toured the shop to see just how necessary that funding is. >> there are train that's are 40 years old. mechanics say there are times they can't find brand new parts. >> they're obsolete. we go on ebay to find electronics and buy them up so that we can repair the trains. so... we're putting them together and they're still safe but we're running out of
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ebays. >> and now, bart officials are in a panic. funding will stop at the end of the month if the house can't get a bill passed. >> we don't get money from congress or people to understand how important this is, trains won't be running anymore. because we have every train we can out there. every day. and we're running them into the ground. >> bart officials invited the congressman and other local and state elected officials to come and hear how dire the situation is. representative says this state of affairs here is a bit disappointing. >> am i happy to see we're using 40-year-old machines? rather than new machines? no i am not. that is where we need to focus
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attention on building the american american transportation system with new equipment made in america. >> there are plans for train buzz that plan is five years away, not fully funded so officials say they feel he like they're at a critical point and need elected official to help them lobby for this achlgts. >> and weekend is here, is it going to be a nice one? or not? >> not. >> and sandhya patel and spencer christian. >> and okay f you don't like rain it's not going to be a very good weekend. there is live doppler 7 hd. you can see moisture here just getting picked up in clouds. beginning stages of the rain will be coming in around midnight and then spread so there is partly cloudy skies, temperatures into 50s, tomorrow morning rain begins upper 30s to mid-40s, by afternoon, it's wet, cool,
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numbers ranging from low to mid-50s, i'll let you know what sunday is looking like if you'll be able to salvage it or if it's going to be a washout. >> thank you. >> still ahead diet swap like spreading half an hour on the treadmill. >> and a google face off. >> and a get away friday getting away fast downtown san francisco. as you can see very slow going left to right to the lower deck of the bay bridge and slow for those folks heading south towards peninsula. stay with us. coming up with more on the news at 4:00.
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this is a live feed now from mexico. there is a ceremony for pope benedict. and the pope is calling on mexicans to conquer what he calls an idolatry of money. the pope will head for cuba monday. >> and healthy living news this afternoon, there is a new study suggesting living alone makes young healthy people more prone to depression. finnish researchers studied nearly 4500 people and found 25% filled prescriptions during the length of the study compared to just 16% of people who lived with spouses and family members or roommates. that study published today in the journal public health. >> if you're trying to drop weight, you might want to try bread enriched with sea weed. researchers found they felt full and ate 180 fewer calories per day.
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and people who just had an egg on regular toast. takes about half an hour of walking to burn 10 calories so findings could make a difference. researchers say sea weed adds a bulking agent and an organization called sea weed foundation paid for this study. >> and on to business news, black berry maker is trying to stay in the game with a new smart phone but first aol selling hundreds of patents. and there are those stories and more. >> there is aol looking to sell a patent portfolio. numerous firm as approached about taking the company private but no deal happened yet. the web giant remains under pressure from star board values to squeeze some value out of the more than 800 portfolios. star boord says the gold mine of phone shall income.
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and there is aol that may want to sell quickly, sources tell us. and this dial up business drives up. at and t out today discussing t-mobile's recent layoff announcement. an executive wrote on the blog t-mobile would have to close call centers and cut workers if companies had been allowed to merge with at and t. the merger rejected last year. and yesterday, t-mobile announced it's laying off 1900 workers as it closes down seven call centers to cut costs. research in motion is trying to stay in the game, rim plans to give software developers test models of the new black berry in early may. sales have been slumping and more people opt for apple's iphone or google's anddroid.
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the new black berry going on sale later this year. as for numbers today, stocks managed to squeeze out some gains. your bloomberg index down slightly. ebay among those dragging low yes, and trading of apple shares was halted today after the stock plummeted nearly 10%. what happened? the plunge steams from technical problems and this third largest u.s. exchange was scheduled to begin trading today after ipo yesterday but ended up pulling after all. and shares of apple did recover from the plunge closing slightly above $596 a share. >> and where would you rather work? google or facebook? and google beating out rival
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facebook. the company rating reached a 3.9 just facebook and larry page had a 94% approval rating. in san francisco, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west, back to you, have a great weekend. >> and if you haven't heard it's national puppy day. >> who knew, huh? it's not official but it's grown in popularity since a behaviorist had the idea for it. >> the puppy day people, whoever they are, set aside march 23 to celebrate love puppies bring to our lives. >> that is a great idea we're showcasing your pictures. this is anna bell lee. >> and cute is hatchy. a
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little german sheperd puppy. appearing to be scared right there. and there is a shot to you reports, don't worry. >> and doesn't like paparazzi. this is pressure. >> there is this picture to our facebook page. >> you can share your and you can upload them to you reports. >> and we want equal time for cats, now. >> ichl sure there is a cat one. >> probably so. >> and rain... >> right. and take your dog for a walk this weekend? it's going to be wet. if there are plans this weekend, both days we're expecting rain looking towards the bridge headlands in the distance, there are clouds that are gathering and more clouds coming up tonight and the rain arrives heading into
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morning hours. here are the temperatures into 50s and 60s, most of the bay area running a little bit warmer than yesterday at this time. there are increasing clouds tonight, rainy cool weekend. active pattern staying with us so you'll need umbrellas for a while. there is a storm we're watching with cold air and this is going to be a rainy weekend. so there is company tonight, just clouds, then, you'll see rain line approaching around 11:00 but not until after midnight that it starts to get wet. tomorrow morning rain and you can see snow far northern end of sonoma county area and we'll see this front becoming stationary. it's going to stall out here. rain switches to showers sunday and will be done and
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over with late sunday evening, taking a look at rainfall, highest into santa cruz mountains. north bay one to two inches. there is an inch of rain through sunday night. overnight, clouds increasing and we'll see rain developing towards morning hours. you can see snow well north there is a winter weather advisory. so there is a couple inches expected there. rainfall and temperatures into 40s except napa and cloverdale upper 30s, you'll need umbrellas into afternoon. temperatures on the cool side. upper whos to about mid-50s in places like san jos skbrai palo alto there. is a cool day for saturday and around the bay. it's wet and cool. there is accu-weather forecast,
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busy, rain, showers and a slight chance monday. rain becoming likely again another system tuesday with wet weather lingering wednesday. thursday, friday, chances beginning to shift northward. we will notice it looks more like winter than spring here in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and next at 4:00 kim kardashian taking the high road with her flower bomber. >> and later on at 4:30 a shooting range comment that has secret service investigating one of rick santorum supporter autos my heart goes out to his family. >> the mist staken identity suspect in the brian stow case speaks out. his message to the family sounds liking like his words for lapd. >> and taking a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge tonight, you can see it's moving well north and south. so let's hope it stays that way. it's early so we'll see. keep your fingers crossed. we'll be right back. cheeseburger macaroni?
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gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, h ho. green giant >> this is not the red carpet treatment kim kardashian was expecting she ended up covered in white flowers.
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>> tv personality kim kardashian deciding to just let it go off a woman flower bombed her on the red carpet last night. she was hosting an event, sheriff deputies say a woman covered her in powder. the woman detained and released. deputies say kim did d.not want to press charges. she returned to her room, removed powder and was back at the event. >> and littlery duff gave birth to her first child tuesday with her husband of two years. it's been hush for weeks now, "the hunger games" earned $19.7 million. and bob barker funding a plane carrying three elephants taken
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from the toronto zoo to a california sanctuary. he says he's funding the flight because one elephant wasn't healthy enough to do the trip by truck. for more news go to >> ahead shooting range controversy involving a santorum supporter. >> politics of health care in an oakland event. people who need to see a doctor are doing so free, but not everyone here believes this is a right. >> there are new jobless rates high in oakland. i'll have a live report. >> from our mount tamalpais camera, breezy, blue now. wet and cool hitting the weekend. there is more coming up.
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>> it didn't get better but didn't get worse, either. >> the california unemployment rate was 10.9% in february. same as january. >> but that is down more than one point since last year. >> and there are most cities and counties doing better with an exception. >> hi, laura. >> hi, larry. the rate here in alameda county is now well below 10%
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with one exception, those who live here in oakland. there are number that's may be improving but oakland has one of the highest rates in the state. >> the economy is changing and it's been slow to goat oakland. >> there is less businesses leaving the city. and there are still a reluctance we've noticed of employers to employ new people. >> in february, 2011 the rate was 16.1%, this yeerk it's 14.4%. and finding a job is challenging. in oakland nearly a third of them remain unemployed. >> this has been challenging. >> marito was laid off a month
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ago. >> are you finding a lot of candidates? >> yes. pretty much. sometimes not even relies. >> there is some opened up. and 15 people graduated from a program called waterway, 20 weeks of plumber training preparing graduates to work for east bay mud or another employer foo you weren't in this program how hard to find a job? >> actually pretty hard. >> this is difficult. and with help they've been giving us, it's a slow process. >> like much of the state the areas of growth here construction, health care and retail. there is a a sector not doing so well. >> thank you very much. if you, or someone you know is looking for work we invite to you visit our next job fair
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organized with our partners at job journal. it's tuesday, march 27th on market street in san francisco. and there is more information by calling the number on the screen. >> the achl is mark the second anniversary of the affordable health care act. and the presidential candidate is doubling down on his promise to repeal that legislation. there is some people with a particular interest in health care in a free clinic being held this weekend. >> this poll shows that 51% of americans are oppose owed to the affordable care act. the split is 51% to 42% and there are thousands of people lining up here to see a doctor or a dentist.
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lining up, waiting all night sometimes and this is because they don't have proper health care coverage. people being treated at this clinic are some of the people democratic leader nancy pelosi is talking about. she says millions of americans need affordable health care act oor we ready to keep this fight going? for life? liberty and pursuit of happiness for all? >> today in san francisco the house democratic leader led a halle in support of the law. >> this is about preintrengs how to keep people healthy. >> and on the trail republican front runner promised again to repeal it. >> you know white house is not celebrating obama care today. and that is for a reason. most want to get rid of it. we're among those american autos in san francisco, there
4:34 pm
is a tearful college student explains she was kicked off her mother's -- father's insurance then got deathly ill. >> i was missing work and i slowly became a prisoner of my home skpf my body. >> she says that the law that allowed her back on her father's insurance saved her life. and in oakland, the volunteer believes this act should be repealed. >> i see people here sitting all night, cold, wet, rainy. and wrapped in blachg yits and tents. but i see them playing these several hundred dollar ipads and ipods. i see them with fancy painted finger nails. toe nails. i see them with a lot of expensive gadgets. >> he believes in personal
4:35 pm
responsibility and does not like the provision he thinks takes that away. >> i see in america a lot of people not taking care of them selfs and creating their own health problem autos there is a thing, he's out here volunteering to help people because he's retired and has a lot of time and wants to do the right thing. and he gets a government check for his military service, and he also gets social security, and he also gets medicare. talk about government intervention, we'll talk with him about that coming up at 6:00. >> and there is rick santorum at a firing range imagine the target, he says was president obama. >> this republican presidential candidate says he's glad did he not hear the
4:36 pm
woman yell out "pretend it's obama". the comment made as santorum was taking practice shots in louisiana. >> we're not pretending it's anyone. you know? that is a horrible, terrible remark. i'm glad i didn't hear it. >> the secret service provides security for santorum, they're trying to identify the woman. the saying the agency has an obligation to determine what her intent is. >> northern california police bust a thief to steal gasoline using a souped up truck. >> and michael finney is still taking your questions on twitter and facebook, answering them here live later on.. >> and if you look at the view it is hazy sunshine out there
4:37 pm
now. it's going to be a soggy weekend and cooler, i'll be back with details coming up.
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>> this is a live view from mount tam. looks nice now, actually. more clouds and rain going to descend over the weekend. there is a stockton woman facing attempted murder charges for a road rage incident caught on a store
4:40 pm
surveillance cam rachl the 26-year-old was behind the wheel of her minivan. another woman started to throw punches at her through the car window two. stopped fighting and that is when another woman egged the driver on. and ibarra runs the woman over. she is not seriously hurt. police nort saying what sparked this argument. >> police are calling this one of the elaborate scheme tz steal gas, one two men pumped gas out of an underground tank and they had done it six times before. but this time, a worker was watching and called police. and officers inspected and found a thousand gallon tank and there it is, and a skpump a rose, one man is in custody and his accomplice is still on the loose. >> it's clever ml you get caught. >> yes. >> and there is sandhya patel
4:41 pm
in for a busy weekend. >> rain? saturday,? sunday? yes? >> there is the view and you can see we're looking north there are clouds out there afternoon and there is a nice-looking day. there is all going down hill for weekend. into northern portion of the sate if you're traveling we're going to see showers developing. there is 55 degrees in sacramento. there are snow showers nixing in. 55 in big sur. there is a rainy day in southern california, dry. there is snow showers developing in tahoe tomorrow, 49 degrees. there is a not a big snow maker, two to four inches expected and hazardous driving
4:42 pm
conditions so if you're going up, this is when to expect snow. numbers running well cooler, 54 in san jose. there is low 50s in redwood city. downtown san francisco 54 degrees. there is a cool, wet day in the north bay. there is towards east bay, it's wet there are low to mid-50s. and for the monterey bay, we're looking at umbrella weather. 52 degrees if carmel. there is rain into showery weerj have you bought your lottery ticket yet? >> the huge megamillions jackpot and what are your odds of winning it?
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>> let me think. a math question and a viral video may have him in the dog hou.s the news at 4:00 continues right after this. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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the same great taste they love in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch with whole grain that they need. just look for the white check, only on general mills big g kid cereals, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. now with more whole grain than any other ingredient. could this be your lucky day? there is a huge megamillions jackpot convincing people to
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make a $1 investment in a ticket. there is a huge prize, $290? or higher now? >> $290 now. if you want it to be going into your account you're going need luck and at least one of these. but frankly why stop? i kid you not. there are $100 bills a common site. at this store and another one, people bought dozens of tickets just for them selfs and friends as well. the odds are winning are terrible. one in 175 million. and remember, have you to match all five numbers and meganumber. and you're competing against people in 44 states. and there is some that take it seriously. >> whoever i he'lly want to have good luck that is the one i'll say good luck to. >> who do you want to have good luck? >> me.
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>> there is high roller autos yes. >> what about you? did you buy some? >> no. not me. >> what do you think chances are of winning? >> as did as anyone, or better. >> and there is a face you might recognize that, is earl gaston seen playing in bart stations. earl says he'd keep working and would work like he didn't need the money because well, he won't. this drawing takes place at 7:45 so just about three hours from now f nobody guesses numbers tonight that could go up $350 million making it the fifth largest in american history. >> wow. >> good luck to everyone. >> and not everyone. and a man really pressed his
4:48 pm
luck posting individual yof his wife stumbling through a simple math problem. take a look. >> you're traveling 80 miles per hour how long will it take you to go 80 miles? >> i don't know. if i run a mile in fine minutes... then by that time boy say... i'd be going seven minutes. >> and they were on a road trip and he posed a question. and this exchange went on several minutes she gets 58 minutes two, minutes off. the couplel appeared on "good morning america". >> i was mad like how could you do this? but i realized that our marriage is deeper than that. the biggest thing is that i love him. and that our relationship has
4:49 pm
grown from this. >> and his still alive to appear on gma. he says to show her family calling it affection knit teasing and he apologized. >> and this reminds me of the nick lachey and jessica simpson chicken of the sea incident. >> i don't think he's going to do that again. >> unwise. >> yes. >> still ahead, the silent film symphony. a clagsic film as it's meant to be seen. >> i'm michael finney and will be answering your questions this afternoon. there is a good one from one woman who wants to know about the long term affects of credit card security. next. >> there is a family reunion interrupted by ross mirkarimi.
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why his wife
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>> we're still talking about megamillion autos we may not be here monday. >> a viewer has question about laws regulating customer service. >> listen to this. paul v asked have there been bills attempting to get companies customer service to be available, i guess that means be from the same country as the customer? no. they're allowed to outsource making a car, or a.loued to outsource computer questions and allowed to do whatever they want. i've never heard anyone talk about this. and we're seeing more and more customer service coming back to the united states. people who speak english are so educated there are tl is a
4:54 pm
lot of competition. they charge more as well they should, in order to take calls it's becoming cheaper just to hire americans. >> and stella a asks i'm out of work with cancer i have card security on two cards. if they pay it off will it affect my credit? no. she's bought insure qans, if she gets sick, or cannot work there is a insurance you can buy. they work two ways, one pays off the card, two, they just pay a minimum, the third is that they just freeze your card so no matter which you have, bad from worse, it's not a particularly good deal. you should cash in on this right now. you've been paying for it. i'm told it will not hurt your credit. and christina wants to know can a property manager force a
4:55 pm
tenant to let a repair person come into the home? and surprise lig the answer is yes. until you think about it. by law, landlord has to keep the house liveable. by liveable that can be a carpet not being sprayed because someone could trip and fall. they can be sued. main rule is that they have to give you proper notice. it's believed 24 hours is proper notice f your landlord says i want to fix something you zront a way to keep them out. so, back to you. >> and there is a silent film classic "in a polin" is considered one of the best ever made. there is a new version with music performed live. there is a preview now from paramount theater. an epic film, the.
4:56 pm
>> i think it's an nag in a tiff film anyone ever made. >> he has been fascinated by this film since he was six years old, he's been looking for more footage. the film does not flicker. that is how our camera recorded it. this is conducted by carl davis. this is an expensive event. part of the fivem is in wide screen. and head of its time. and interest tl is a copy of the film. >> this is unique. we can make more by this has been produced using original dye, tinting and toning that were common place in 20s, it's very expensive and time consuming. >> this is the first, maybe
4:57 pm
the only time this version will be shown outside of europe. >> this is similar and what this is like with a live or chess tra playing with a big screen, thousands sharing this experience. >> and this isn't the same at home. >> this is an event. it screens this weekend and next in paramount theater. >> this is fun, thanks for joining us. you can keep track on twitter and talk about it at facebook brom. news at 5:00 continues right now. >> thank you. a bizarre case of animal
4:58 pm
cruelty to a police dog. what the partner is accused of doing. >> a wet, cool weekend. there is active weather heading into the week. i'll have details coming up. >> and there is n effort to keep your social nest working pass words under lock and key. >> good evening, we begin with a shocking case of animal cruelty. >> the monterey spca says they rescued ingo from the yard of a former watsonville police officer. the dog had plastic and dirt in its stomach. david? >> this is the bond between officers and police dog supposed to be very, very special this, german sheperd was a proud member of the watsonville police department whachl you're about to see,
4:59 pm
and hear, may be discovering. -- disturbing. these photos show how emaciated ingo was. the former police dog weighed 55 pounds. a normal german sheperd should be 80 to 90 pounds. his owner told officers he was being fed. however, veterinarians found otherwise. >> they did x rays and there was no food like substance, it contained dirt, sand, rocks and pieces of plastic, it does appear he was forageing to get by. >> ingo is eating several times per day, he's now up to 70 pounds, but still shows lack of muscle mass. >> only thing now that we're trying to get is having more muscle in the pelvis. >> the community has a vested interest because they got together and


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